A&DD Alumni profile: Ashley Centrella

Ashley Centrella, A&DD class of 2015, always try to find engaging ways to tell stories. Even as a kid, she spent hours trying to Photoshop with Microsoft Paint and cut together fake movie trailers from grainy, watermarked YouTube videos. She also mixed prerecorded loops on off-brand music software.

Ashley is currently employed as a Senior Art Director at Deutsch NY. Click here to visit Ashley’s portfolio website.

Why you enjoy doing what you are doing now?

I enjoy being an art director so much because it is the perfect combination of conceptual thinking, business acumen, and of course, design. It allows me to use my talent and my intelligence to solve problems, tell interesting stories, and also help others. I love the profession, the people that I work with, and the overall hustle and bustle of the industry.

What you have learned at FIT that have helped you get your career started?

Something specific to the A&DD BFA program that really helped me is the focus on the creative technology courses. What I learned from these classes made me stand out from other candidates when interviewing and securing job offers.

What’s the one advise that you would give to students pursuing a career in advertising and digital design?

My advice for students pursuing a career in advertising and digital design is to ALWAYS go the extra mile in developing new skills, and that work ethic is EVERYTHING. Whether that is with design, research, writing… etc. There is so much to learn in this industry. The more you push yourself beyond your comfort zone and work hard, the more successful you will be.