A&DD Alumni profile: Margaux Le Pierres

Originally from Montréal, Margaux Le Pierres, A&DD class of 2013, moved to New York a decade ago to study design — and hasn’t left since.

Margaux is working as the design director at Fictive Kin — leading branding & digital product design for some great companies like National Geographic & Kickstarter. Previous to Fictive, she worked with some amazing creatives at Paradise, and previous to that, Hyperakt.

When Margaux is not designing, she enjoys cooking for herself & dinner parties, treating Reiki, listening to disco and laughing at her own jokes.

Click here to visit Margaux’s portfolio website.

Why you enjoy doing what you are doing now?

There is nothing more compelling, challenging and expansive than defining and working through solving a creative challenge. And as a result, seeing that you’ve made something intangible, tangible.

What you have learned at FIT that have helped you get your career started?

As far as a skill set, I stood out from the others because A&DD taught me how to weave and explain a conceptual narrative. The animation skills, early understanding of web design and InDesign chops helped too.  On a less ‘tangible’ scale, FIT taught me to push myself past the boundaries I perceived I had. This perseverance was essential in starting a career.

What’s the one advise that you would give to students pursuing a career in advertising and digital design?

Figure out how to present your work in a way that is unrehearsed and authentic to who you are.