A&DD Alumni profile: Lia Sfiligoj

Hi, I’m Lia Sfiligoj.
Pronounced “svil-li-goy.”
I’m a Senior Visual Designer in NYC.
I think, create, and animate.
I’m originally from Cleveland.
I never burned my LeBron jersey.
I’ve been to 400+ Indians games.
I love all dogs.
I have synesthesia.
I can’t wait to meet you.

Lia Sfiligoj, Advertising & Digital Design BFA class of 2016, is a Senior Designer at Havas, which operates in more than 100 countries and is one of the largest global advertising and communications groups in the world. 

Click here to visit Lia’s portfolio website.

Why you enjoy doing what you are doing now?

I’m surrounded by a passionate and supportive community of like-minded people. I’ve been able to both learn from and teach my peers. There is also variety in my work, one day I can be a product designer and the next day a motion designer.

What you have learned at FIT that have helped you get your career started?

Basic design, strategy, copywriting, 3D design, UX, branding, typography, advertising design, motion graphics, post-production, science, art history…. and any class I missed. Every single lesson I learned at FIT has manifested itself in my career. Design involves everything, and FIT’s A&DD BFA prepares you for anything!

What’s the one advise that you would give to students pursuing a career in advertising and digital design?

The fear of failure destroys creativity. Don’t ever doubt your skills and success. Don’t be afraid of taking risks in your design work and career.