A&DD SeniorS won D&AD Yellow pencil AWARD

One of the original Pencils, the D&AD Yellow Pencil celebrates the most outstanding work of the year only. It is only awarded to work that achieves true creative excellence. This year, A&DD seniors, Patrick Obando and Janice Chen, won the top honor with their New Blood Entry — 2 Lies 1 Truth.

Two Lies / One Truth is a daily game played through a Facebook Messenger chatbot that gives players three popular online news headlines, with the player having to choose which of the three is true. Players will be entertained through testing their knowledge but more importantly, when players discover the true stories, they’ll be able to continue reading the accurate news that the BBC provides.

CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING LINK TO VIEW THE PROJECT:https://www.dandad.org/awards/new-blood/2018/bbc/3312/2-lies-1-truth/