Advertising & Digital Design BFA at FIT (A&DD)
Integration of Concept, Design, Copy, and Technology

The Advertising and Digital Design BFA program prepares students for advertising and design in the digital age. You’ll learn how to create work that sparks conversations and uses storytelling and engagement to shape culture, rather than just reflect it.

FIT is a pioneer in integrating advertising and digital design. In fact, this was the first BFA program in the world to create specialized digital design courses such as Kinetic Typography, User Experience Design, Typography for Digital Content Design, and Digital Product Design. Our industry-inspired curriculum includes Concept Development, Strategic Planning, Art Direction, Design, Copywriting, Creative Technology, and an industry-related internship. Our curriculum also allows students to specialize in Branding, Copywriting, or Social Media—with elective credits. For more information, please click here visit our official page at fitnyc.edu

Creative Technology & Design (CT&D)
Creativity with purpose

Creative Technology & Design (CT&D) is a collection of innovative courses developed with the future of design education in mind. CT&D offers 20 specialized courses to 8 different majors throughout the School of Art and Design. Within the Advertising & Digital Design BFA program, CT&D courses comprise the core related area coursework in the major. Additionally, CT&D principles and teaching methodologies have developed innovative noncredit certificate programs such as User Experience Design, Content Design for VR/AR, and a Digital Product Design Summer program in Italy.

With design innovation at the heart of CT&D’s pedagogical goals, courses from this subject area completely align with FIT’s Strategic Plan. CT&D’s faculty and students strive to produce transformative work that fosters positive social change. We believe designers are innovators, activists, and visionaries, and we live not only by our commitment to our clients but also by our commitment to our community and society. For more information, please click here visit CT&D’s official page at fitnyc.edu