#DESIGN: Creative Technology & Design Annual Exhibition

November 19–December 14, 2019
The Museum at FIT, Galley FIT
Tuesday-Friday, Noon-8 PM; Saturday, 10 AM – 5PM
Close on Sundays, Mondays, and Legal Holidays

227 West 27 Street, New York, NY 10001-5992
212.217.4558, FITNYC.EDU/MUSEUM


We are living through a fundamental workforce transformation during which digital technology has begun to alter the skills companies are searching for.

Inspired by FIT President Dr. Brown’s Workforce of the Future initiative, FIT’s Advertising & Digital Design (A&DD) BFA, Creative Technology & Design (CT&D) subject area, and Center for Continuing and Professional Studies (CCPS), worked closely with our industry partners to create a series of specialized credit courses and noncredit certificate programs that are career-driven and forward-thinking. In addition, CT&D also initiated a wide range of Guided Experiential Learning (GEL) projects and career development events in collaboration with some of the most well-known companies and brands in the world.

Our mission is to initiate a transformative journey for creatives worldwide so they can enter some of the most rewarding careers in the age of digital media. We believe designers are innovators, activists, and visionaries, and our goal is to nurture the next generation creative workforce that will design digital content, products, platforms, experiences, and other solutions that leverage technology to solve business problems and to improve people’s lives.

To celebrate the 8-year anniversary of the CT&D subject area, we are dedicating this year’s annual exhibition, #DESIGN, in order to showcase some of the most exciting projects we have collaborated on with our industry partners including Adobe, Infor, IBM CIO, Infor, and the Major League Baseball. We believe the year of 2020 will be the beginning of an exciting new phase of our Creative Workforce of the Future initiative.

C.J. Yeh, Co-Coordinator, Creative Technology & Design
Christie Shin Co-Coordinator, Creative Technology & Design

This exhibition is made possible in part with the generous support from: